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5 Things That Make Me Uncomfortable {February Blog Challenge}

Blog ChallengeAnaleisa LathamComment

1. Small spaces. Whether it's elevators or just tiny rooms, I don't like the feeling of being cramped or squished. I like my personal space and it's very valuable to me.

2. Fish eggs. I remember the first time I ate them; in fact, we still laugh about it. Steven and I were out on a sushi date and I just gobbled down my roll thinking the small orange specs on top were some sort of seasoning. When I finished, he got a huge smile on his face, asked if I knew what those orange things were and proceeded to have a nice chuckle on my behalf when he saw my facial expression. I can still eat them, but it makes me a little uneasy. 

3. The unknown. Whether it's something as huge as the ramifications of a life-changing decision or as small as where my running route (or race) will take me, I absolutely HATE not knowing. I'm a planner through and through and I like to see the end while standing at the beginning. (I'm working on this, but it's a slow and very painful process.)

4. The words moist and supple. They make my mouth feel dirty so I avoid using these terms at all cost. When I hear someone else use them every part of me cringes. 

5. Lastly (and this may be more of a dislike than a discomfort - but we're going to go with it) Monday's make me uncomfortable. Sure, I hate going back to work after a few days off. Sure, I don't like seeing the entire week ahead of me. But the real reason Monday makes me uncomfortable is because I have to go too many hours without seeing my husband. Over the weekend we're together almost non-stop, and it is so awesome. Then Monday hits and every week it's like a slap in the face. I miss him. (But I must add, this is a discomfort I happily deal with because it means we're still over-the-top-in-love. And I am ok with that!)

What makes you uncomfortable? Join the conversation!

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